The show must go on… more “Outrageous Acts” on Summer tour – Guy Louis

The show must go on… more “Outrageous Acts” on Summer tour

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Yes we’ve had some serious heat with a cancellation last week due to the extremes.  A welcome relief had by all in Michigan and surrounding states this week with some gorgeous, cool summer days… the shows must go on… and the “Outrageous Acts” continue…

Kevin Oaks, a long-time #1 dancer and all-around performer at my shows since age 3, stopped by in Madison Heights with his new ax.  He also performed a fine piece of French music on this sweet cello.  (You might not recognize him, as he usually rips his shirt of during his performances.) Mr. Oaks has become quite a refined young man… more proof music is good for you!













The hippies continue to come out to my programs.  I’ll call him Cheech (not his real name) was not only one of the top dancers in Brownstown (hair in pony-tail during dancefest), he also had many informed comments during the show.  A scholar and a gentleman (who shall remain nameless.)

















Speaking of those who shall remain nameless, the boy with the bandaid on his nose.  Not only he, yet his brother also, created many outrageous acts during the popcorn, pop and candy fiesta in Hartland.  He says he doesn’t remember any of the incidents, doesn’t remember how he got the bandaid on his nose, and doesn’t know how many bags of popcorn he ate.  I was like, “Kid, its not like you are testifying before congress!”  To which he did not respond.















These brothers searched the library in Hamburg, and found the perfect summer reading material, and also were expert participants at the show.  Gorgeous night, full house, fun time…













That’s the report for now.  Be sure to come out and enjoy a show this summer, which is officially past mid-July!  How can the time go so fast?  It is all an illusion. Enjoy the Now!

See You Soon,









Here’s the full schedule…

All Aboard!

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