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World Music Tour

International Appreciation | Understanding Diversity | Cultural Celebrations

The World Music Tour is one of Guy’s most popular school enrichment assemblies, and it also serves as a fantastic family program!  This show is a cultural celebration that features authentic instruments and songs from Africa, India, Europe, and America’s past and present.  This is the perfect daytime assembly to celebrate cultural diversity as it will include every student.  All ages are engaged with the incredible instruments, the authentic music and the interactive, light-hearted professional delivery.  This show will absolutely delight your audience with a celebration of music and culture… a classic Guy Louis performance!

Check out the instruments used in this show:


Begin with the powerful Native American Drum and shaker players, a song of thanksgiving from the Lakota tribe, and interactive dancing for students. Consider the importance of Native American themes for our world today, such as caring for our mother earth.  On to Renaissance Europe with the 15-string Lute, which was the most popular instrument at the time of Christopher Columbus in Europe.  The delicate harmonics of the European Lute contrasts significantly with the earthy Native Music and dancing.  It is said that Christopher Columbus’ son was a fine lute player.

On to Africa, where we learn that music is for everyone to share!  With approximately 25 African instruments that students will play, it becomes a community celebration with a call-and-response singing, dancers, and the instruments in an African celebration.  Students will also learn the catchy “Je Je Kule”, a call-and-response song with movements that they will love.

The show could really end after the joyful African outburst, yet we move on to Exotic India.  The incredible 20-string sitar which is an amazing sounding instrument with an 0ut-of-this-world design. The 4-string Tamboura is a closely related instrument from India, and it provides the background for classical Indian music.  Finally the Tabla drums, which comes in a set of two separate drums, show a wide range of possible sounds and is a very important part of Indian Music.

The final instrument is one that was invented in America.  Though the guitar was not invented in America, the Electric Guitar was invented right here in America.  Guy will demonstrate the development of American music from blues to rock and roll, and end the show with a jubilant classic such as “Johnny B. Goode” by the great Chuck Berry, or maybe a song from Elvis.

Your students, teachers and families will all enjoy every minute of this program.  In addition to playing the amazing instruments, Guy’s well-developed performance style will engage students of every age.  Teachers will appreciate the deep integration between the pertinent cultural information, the music, the celebration and appreciation of all cultures.

If you’ve never had Guy perform for your community, this is a great show to start with… The World Music Tour!

Positively Rockin’

Character Education stands on its own – Or blends in Your Schools CE Themes

Positively Rockin’ is a celebration of your students, teachers, staff and school community.  This show stands on its own as an uplifting and powerful inspiration for each student to develop their own innate genius, self-regulation and social-emotional skills.  Using music, songs and interactive activities during the assembly, all participants will be inspired to make a difference in their school and in their community.

Guy can also customize the show to highlight your school’s specific character education themes (7 Habits, Character Counts, Bucket Filler, PAWS, Bullying and more…) to energize your students about the messages you want them to understand about creating a bully-free and respectful school community.

From the opening moments of this program, students are engaged in the music and activity as a “student band” of up to 20 kids joins Guy by playing a wide variety of percussion instruments.  Guy plays a crisp 8-string mandolin for this opening song “Light in the World”.  Hands get clapping to the beat, as out comes the 6-string acoustic guitar with the rousing song “Let it Shine”, a salute to every person’s special gifts and talents. The show is packed with a celebration of the teachers in your building, as Guy repeatedly encourages students to do their own personal best with their teachers right now, in elementary school!

The electric guitar makes an appearance with the freeze-dance, “You Gotta Love It”, energizing students in a focused way. Guy’s passion for teaching Self-Regulation skills to students is also an important part of the program.  Every student and teacher will receive a blast of positive energy, leaving the show buzzing about how fun, inspiring and educational it was… Positively Rockin’ says it all in the title!

This program books up quickly in September and October, contact us early to reserve a date for your school.

Power Up! Health Is Your Wealth

Healthy Choices | Nutrition | Hydration | Exercise | Rest | Relaxation

This Michigan elementary school health assembly shows presents with music how nutrition, hydration, exercise, rest and relaxation are all key to powering your body and mind. They will learn kid-friendly ways to incorporate healthy choices into their daily lives, and develop good habits that they can take with them throughout their life. Interactive music, unique instruments, nutrition dense vegetables (green leafy ones) and even green drinks made in front of the audience make this a unique health education show with messages that students will relate to and remember.

Kids need to know the simple and powerful health themes that will make a big difference in their lives.  This show touches on the most essential: Nutrition, Hydration, Exercise, Relaxation, and Proper Rest.  All delivered in a fun and musical format that will engage the kids the entire time, and delight teachers with the content.  Practical tools and skills presented on each subject.

See green drinks made right at the show (green smoothie and fresh vegetable juice teachers can taste); Real Living Food props; Actual visual measurements of how much water one should drink according to one’s weight; Science-Based techniques on how to truly relax and self-regulate (Guy’s passion for sharing with teachers and students), how to get to sleep at night and more… all in a fast-paced, interactive musical format with songs and movements to get kids ~ Powered Up!

“Every child in this room will remember this show the rest of their lives!” 

Joyce Krom, Huntington Woods, MI

Relaxation to Resilience (and everything in-between)

Relax | Focus | Breathing & Movement Tools | SEL Competencies | Resilience

School Assemblies

Relaxation to Resilience (and everything in-between) is an assembly program that will bring the latest science on resilience building skills to students and teachers in a fun, interactive musical format.  Even the youngest children will learn the essential terms, breathing & movement techniques, and methods that will give them tools at school and at home.  Follow-up guides for teachers will provide activities to explore for the entire school year… and tools they can use themselves!  Guy will coordinate with your school to compliment any programs that are now being used in your building to synergize these important educational themes with your goals.

“It was so incredibly received by students, teachers and staff at Conley Elementary! Students have been seen in class and in the hallways at school implementing what they learned in the assembly weeks later! Thank you, Guy, for an amazing day of presentations!”
Erin Robins, PTA Conley Elementary, Whitman, MA 

Workshops and Professional Development Days

“It was a great day yesterday!  The teachers truly appreciated the fun and educational assembly on mindfulness and relaxation.  Students were taught how to stop and breathe to use the thinking part of their brain to make good decisions.  The staff workshop after the student assembly truly was helpful so we can implement the breathing of mindfulness into our daily routines in the classroom.  Staff were excited to leave with their chime as well!  Thank you for making it a great day at Edgar Elementary School for both students and staff!”

Principal Lisa J. Witt, Edgar Elementary School, Edgar, WI

Have a musical and fun professional development day that your teachers will love!  These workshops can be as short as 30 minutes or as long as 2.5 – 3 hours.  how to incorporate the materials in the classroom.  By implementing quality relaxation practices in the classroom, teachers receive the benefits as much as the kids.  Learn the essentials in this program. Participants get access to Guy’s new website portal with video and lesson plans that teachers can access all year.

Family Fun Nights with Relaxation Tools

“I shared the use of the chime for focusing attention with the parents of one of my students who has some significant attention issues.  They were amazed, as I am, at how effective this simple technique is for their child at home.  Thank you Guy, for bringing this information to our school community.”
Lead PreK Teacher, Cory Learning Center, Romulus MI

Guy Louis is an expert at creating family concerts that celebrate all ages.  This is a family fun shows that include the tools of relaxation that the kids have learned at school, and demonstrates to parents how these tools can be used at home.  Guy can also include your school’s character education themes during the program.  Bring the entire family into what you are doing this school year!



Guy Louis, the presenter of “Worlds of Music” and “Chautauqua Express Musical Programs” since 1986, holds a B.A. in Music from Oakland University in Rochester, MI.; is a certified Mindfulness Instructor through Mindful Schools (www.mindful.org.); a certified coach through HeartMath (heartmath.org); and has been an Artist-in-Residence for Wolf Trap Early Learning Through the Arts in Vienna, VA. This program is based on the most recent research available to Mindful Schools, HeartMath and other leading resilience and mindfulness in education resources.

Black History in American Music

International Appreciation | Understanding Diversity | Black History Month Celebration | MLK day

Black History plays an important role in the evolution of popular music in America. This show traces how music from Africa developed into Ragtime, Blues, Jazz and Rock and Roll. Students hear and participate in songs from different eras, as they learn about influential African American musicians and why the music was important to African American culture in America. This show is a way for elementary students to celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr day, and Black History Month. It is a very popular program, and dates in January and February sell out quickly. Booking early is highly recommended!


This show will blow your teachers away with the expertly delivered educational and historical content… while captivating students with the instruments and interaction.  Students will have so much fun they will not realize how much they are learning.

Celebrate the rich history and importance of the African-American influence in popular American music.  Clearly and delicately delivered, this program has been warmly received by audiences of all cultural backgrounds with appreciation and enthusiasm!

Beginning in Africa with over 25 authentic African instruments, we’ll learn some of the basics of African musical themes.  Then we’ll travel to America and see how these African themes have traveled with the people to the new world… influencing an incredible amount of American music: spirituals, blues, ragtime, jazz, rapp, rock ‘n roll and more.  A Classic Performance!

Tune Into Reading

March Reading Month | Reading Programs | Title I Reading Nights

Celebrate the joy of reading at your school with a musical assembly celebration that inspires reading skills and practices in students from Kindergarten to Sixth Grade. It is a musical and fun presentation that will leave students energized about reading and understanding that reading is a skill that last a lifetime. A great program to wrap up school wide reading challenges and celebrate Reading Month in March. This show is also a great for family / parental reading nights for Title I schools.


Learning to read music can be closely related to learning to read books.  Developing our brains in special and specific ways, learning reading and learning music have both been shown in many studies to benefit students, especially younger children.

We’ll address aspects of the science, while having a musical journey with songs, dance and movement activities for students as we

The show features beautiful musical instruments described and demonstrated by Guy, interactive hands-on music making, and plenty of movement activities for the kids.  Also included is the story “Abiyoyo”, an excellent book for children by Pete Seeger, about how a boy saves the town with music on his ukulele.

Celebrating Reading!

Environmental Awareness Show

Green School Certification | Environmental Awareness | Earth Day

You are never too young to begin making “Green Choices” to help protect the environment. The “Environmental Awareness Show” encourages stewardship of the Earth and the environment through a better understanding of how we are all are connected to the planet. This assembly program ties Native American songs and stories about the environment, as well as contemporary music, with Green initiatives that students are doing at school. This program is popular around Earth Week, and will also help Michigan schools meet their “Green School Certification” requirements.


What better way to be uplifted this springtime than with music, singing and dancing!  Guy’s masterful performance to students uses well-researched information, beautiful instruments and a light-hearted delivery that educate, uplift and inspire every student and teacher!

If you are using this show for Green School Status, Guy will highlight the activities now being done or being planned at your school.  Great for Earth Day Celebrations and more, it is a musical interactive show with natural movements and a true community experience.  Environmental Awareness shows help students recognize our important place as stewards to our planetary home. 

American Music Tour

Social Studies | American History | Thanksgiving Celebrations

Guy Louis will help students discover the history of America through the evolution of music in America. The show starts with traditional Native American instruments and songs, shows how European music was brought over with Christopher Columbus and European settlers, and then demonstrates how it all turned into Blues, Jazz and Rock and Roll. It is celebration of America that will have every student singing and dancing. This program can help highlight elementary social studies and American history curriculum. It is also a very popular school-wide assembly in November to help celebrate Thanksgiving.


From the symphonic music of our great composers to the Native American drum and shakers, we’ll explore the cultural gems that make American music an incredible feast of cultural identity.  We’ll learn about patriotic music, ragtime and the blues and how they intersect with jazz… we’ll learn about the names and places that are most important and understand reasons for taking pride in American Music!
Students will learn names such as Aaron Copeland (classical composer), Louis Armstrong (jazz), Scott Joplin (ragtime), Woody Guthrie (folk) and even the little known “Elvis”.  An incredible collection of instruments makes this show a true celebration of America and our diverse cultural background.

Native American Music and Culture Show

Thanksgiving | Earth Day | Native American History

Step into Native America with a show that brings this rich cultural heritage alive! With authentic instruments and well-researched information, the audience will explore essential Native American concepts and how they are important to us today. Students will learn about Native American cultural perspectives on unity, equality, community, and more. There is lots of interaction for the audience, including dancing, singing, and playing authentic Native American shakers.


This is a very special show for Guy, as he has nurtured a keen interest in Native American culture throughout his lifetime.  In this program, he is able to speak from direct experience of Native music and culture, as he has participated in many ceremonies and events, including making his own Native American drum with the help of a Native American Elder.  
As noted, the drum was made by Guy during a special ceremony; all the shakers have been made by Native American artists; traditional and original songs are heartfelt and delivered with authenticity.

Winter World Holiday Show

Holidays Around The World | December Winter Holidays

This assembly program takes students around the world to show how different countries and cultures celebrate holidays in December. Students hear, see, and participate in stories and songs about Diwali, Winter Solstice, Kwanzaa, Advent, Hanukkah, and Christmas. Authentic instruments and holiday items keep this program engaging and memorable. It is a truly diverse presentation that will bring holiday joy to all your students. Book your December date early for your elementary school as this show sells out quickly!


A fun and educational exploration of the similarities and differences in the major holidays of Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Christmas, Winter Solstice Diwali, and New Year.  Concise and appropriate for all ages, hear authentic songs, see authentic candle-holders for each holiday, and other significant culturally related items, learn how different cultures celebrate together at this very special time of year!

All-School Celebration Assemblies

Family Celebrations | Year End Celebrations | Family Nights

Sometimes you just need to sing and dance, and Guy Louis’ family fun concerts are the perfect school-friendly celebrations that let your students climb on board and have fun. A wide variety of musical instruments and song styles, interactive instruments for kids, classic acoustic songs and some good old rock-n-roll will fill your school’s halls with the joy of music and get everyone involved.  This is a rockin’ fun way to celebrate the end of a great school year, special events or for a family fun night that kids, parents and even grandparents can enjoy together.

Celebrate the End of the School Year!

Take a break from all the educational content and have a light-hearted celebration of your school community!  Celebrate the year that has been, students and teachers, administrators, and the coming summer months.
Guy presents family and kids concerts all summer long, featuring fun songs that delight all ages.  End the school year with a musical extravaganza!  For over 30 years these shows have been met with rave reviews all around the Great Lakes and beyond.
Find out what a community celebration can be!  
With Community Music!!
Also very good for
celebrating retiring teachers, 
or other special events.

Create a School Song

School Unity and Community | All Ages Participate|
Have your own school song after this full day with Guy Louis. Prior to the event teachers will receive pre-show information / discussion / questions to prepare students and gather info which is sent back to Guy prior to show day; morning of the show day, entire student body meets with Guy to collaborate on how the song should be such as melody, lyric ideas, musical style, etc. ; lunch time session with any teachers and students who would like to be a part of the final decision-making process for song lyrics and final song structure; afternoon all-school assembly, all students learn final song and sing together making a recording that can be played with the school announcements at the end of the day.
“Guy helped our entire student body to collaboratively create a meaningful school chant that reflects what we strive to do every day.”  Principal Dana Jones, Smith Elementary, Plymouth MI

Family Fun Concerts

Family Celebrations | Year End Celebrations | Family Nights

Sometimes you just need to sing and dance, and Guy Louis’ family fun concerts are the perfect school-friendly celebrations that let your students climb on board and have fun. A wide variety of musical instruments and song styles, interactive instruments for kids, classic acoustic songs and some good old rock-n-roll will fill your school’s halls with the joy of music and get everyone involved.  This is a rockin’ fun way to celebrate the end of a great school year, special events or for a family fun night that kids, parents and even grandparents can enjoy together.

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