Relaxation in Schools – Guy Louis

Introducing Relaxation in Elementary School 

“One of the most pertinent and important topics… I’m passionate about it!”

Guy Louis Sferlazza

“INTRODUCING RELAXATION was so incredibly received by students, teachers and staff at Conley Elementary! Students have been seen in class and in the hallways at school implementing what they learned in the assembly weeks later! Thank you, Guy, for an amazing day of presentations!”  Erin Robins, PTA Conley Elementary
Why Relaxation?
  • Improve self-regulation, social skills, test-anxiety, getting to sleep & more

  • Benefits to Teachers as well as the kids


What They’ll Learn:

  • Essential breathing techniques – Movement & breathing used together

  • The latest discoveries of brain science

  • Applications for the classroom and at home



  • Grade level appropriate follow-up guides for teachers & parents

  • Workshops for Teachers & Family Night presentations available

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