Gallery – Guy Louis


Take a look at some of our photos and videos from the past


Three Videos from Guy’s “Worlds of Music DVD”

Mr. Liu plays his Pipa : One of the very finest musicians and human beings I have ever met. I know he is playing his music in the celestial realms right now… here is an excerpt from the Worlds of Music DVD.

Mady plays his Kora : Mady Kouyate was born in Dakar, Senegal, a descendant of the Kouyate family of Dialolu, griots and historians of the Manding tradition. He is also an awesome human being, a scholar, and a gentleman.

Guy plays the Lute : Keeping the theme going with unique stringed instruments, here is a bit on the Renaissance Lute, an instrument that is so sweet and gentle. With credit to Lyle Nordstrum, an outstanding teacher of mine.