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Who is this Guy?

About Guy Louis

Born in the Great Lake State of Michigan, Guy enjoyed a childhood filled with memories of little mats to take a nap at school, family, friends and the 1968 World Series champion Detroit Tigers! (Tiger star Jim Northrup, who made big contributions in the world series, lived on the same street!)

Piano lessons early on with Mrs. McClure (who also lived on the same street) began a promising musical path.  Piano recitals and impromptu piano jams left many screaming for more (or less).

While searching his grandmother’s attic, ten-year old Guy Louis Sferlazza found his grandfather’s guitar in an old beat up case. That began his musical journey that soon included his grandfather’s mandolin, violin and other instruments. “Thank you, Salvatore!”

At age nineteen, after starting college in computer science, Guy realized that pursuing a path of music was what he really wanted to do. A few years of playing in bands, the folk circuit and other musical avenues finally led him to presenting musical programs in schools. This began the Chautauqua Express Musical Programs in 1986.

Original Hand-drawn CE Logo

Family concerts soon also became a specialty as Guy’s professional performing became full-time and year-round.

The 1990’s and 2000’s were packed with hundreds of concerts each year, the development of many classic shows for schools such as “The World Music Tour”, and the collaboration with outstanding office manager Kim Gouin.  The Chautauqua Express became known as one of the finest performing companies in the Great Lake State, being selected into the Michigan Touring Arts program.

Updated Chautauqua Express Logo circa 1992

In 2011, a television pilot episode titled “Worlds of Music” was created.  This also marks the shift from using the Chautauqua Express Musical Programs moniker exclusively, to using the “Worlds of Music” logo and company name.

Guy is continuing to create and perform programs that express his musical passions, and also contribute to his community. The very latest presentation “Introducing Children to Relaxation” represents a synthesis of his interactive musical performance style and his passion for helping young people learn the art and science of relaxation.

Guy is a selected artist for the Michigan Touring Arts which provides grants for his work in the state of Michigan. He has been an artist-in-residence for the Wolf Trap Institute for Early Learning through the Arts, Vienna, VA. He holds a BA in Music from Oakland University, Rochester, MI.