Relaxation For You Now – Guy Louis

Relaxation Videos for All Ages

Each video is 1 minute or less... be sure to focus attention on the specific technique presented until the end of the segment!

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In Less than 10 Minutes – Get More than 10 Ideas

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Chime Notice Breathing
Bowl Bigger Breath
Cymbal Belly Breathing
Mando Get Outside
Guitar Journal
Daily Practice & Charango
Before Bed & Uke
Wake Up in Gratitude
Mindful Eating
Pets, Whistle & Be Now

Introducing Relaxation to Young Children

For Parents, Teachers, and Kids – Guy presents essential relaxation skills appropriate for PreK and Elementary Age kids in a fun, musical video format.

Watch the Series Overview below:

Songs from the first four episodes:

1. Attention is My Friend

2. Teach Kindness

3. Peace Is

4. Caring SongĀ