Lyrics to Three Pre-Release Songs – Guy Louis

Can We Belong

Can we belong?
Can we be strong?
Am I brothers keeper?
Is my neighbor my own?

But I’m not alone
I’m feeling the love
I’m hearing a sound inside of me
It brings me to your door

What of the people living in streets
And  all along the coasts
We’re flooding the beaches
Flooding the streets
Will water reach your door?

All of the creatures
All of the species
All this and more

Meet us here
Heal our fear
In this mystery
With harmonies galore!

That we’re not alone
And that we belong
And that you’re beside us
Guiding we

Together through the storm
Make us strong
All as one

What of the fires
Raging and wild
Burning down their homes
There must be a reason
If we could see it
Will flames reach your door?

All of the creatures
All of the species
All this and more


Make us strong
You have a home
Here inside of we
You bring me to my soul

And we belong
We’re traveling in sound
We’re traveling in
Soul-hearted symphony
That we can share it all




Sante Fe for a Song

On the way to Sante Fe for a song

from the hills they traveled under the sun

the trade route of centuries
cultures thrive and then recede
looking through a thousand eyes
captivated by the light
on the way to Sante Fe for a song
Hear the stories how the world was begun
In the kivas dancing there all as one
wisdom that is left in stone
reveals the ancient stories told
the cycle of the seasons speaks
the sacred circle is complete
unify our prayers in time
praise the breathing of our lives
on the way to Sante Fe for a song
 At the threshold of the day
the dawning of another age
the feminine in humankind
emerge the goddess in our time
with eyes that see through galaxies
inspires the world to love and peace
how bright this morning is the sune
within the heart of everyone
one the way
one the way
one the way to Sante Fe
One the way to sante fe for a song
Fly the skies and sailing over the clouds
we travel by the light we see
alive inside of everything
looking through a thousand eyes
she sees through rocks and trees alike
in all directions sacred art
and pouring through the human heart
finally the mind can see
flowering humanity
on the way
on the way
on the way to Sante Fe

7 Generations

Seven generations are not that far away
They might want some explanations
For what we do today
Planting seeds with poisons
Doesn’t do much for the taste
Modified without precautions
And we feed it to our babies
Chemicals in the system
Turning water into waste
And if you’re living in Flint Michigan
You have to drink it anyway
The Clean Air Act passed congress
Back in 1973
But they block and delay progress
While the world takes on the heat
(Wasicu rant…  Wasicu is a derogatory word the Lakota used to refer to the white man. The literal translation is “fat takers” or “the fat eaters,” which was a reference to the white man’s greed and wanton disregard with preserving the earth’s resources for the next seven generations.)
Divine Mother save your children
Divine Mothers of the earth
In this American generation
You do so with your purse
and your voice
and your vote
and your choice
All songs copyright 2020 Worlds of Music