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7 Generations 

American Spirit

Pre – Album Release

Together through the Storm

Make us Strong

All as One


Can We Belong – “…heal our fear in this mystery, with harmonies galore…”


Sante Fe for a Song – “… finally the mind can see, flowering humanity…”


7 Generations – “… the unborn yet to come, wisdom of the ages…”


Pre – Release of the full album:

Release date of full album: Dec. 21, 2020

All songs copyright 2020 Worlds of Music

Family “World Music” Style

Family “Classic Rock” Style

The Bees Say Please!
copyright 2017 Worlds of Music
(not yet released on album)




Three String Brothers from Different Mothers

Mr. Liu plays his Pipa : One of the very finest musicians and human beings I have ever met. I know he is playing his music in the celestial realms right now… here is an excerpt from the Worlds of Music DVD.

Mady plays his Kora : Mady Kouyate was born in Dakar, Senegal, a descendant of the Kouyate family of Dialolu, griots and historians of the Manding tradition. He is also an awesome human being, a scholar, and a gentleman.

Guy plays the Lute : Keeping the theme going with unique stringed instruments, here is a bit on the Renaissance Lute, an instrument that is so sweet and gentle. With credit to Lyle Nordstrum, an outstanding teacher of mine.